• I love making things.
  • Always have, always will.
  • I love:
  • The precision of mechanical pencils,
  • Pushing charcoal across Bristol paper,
  • Its messiness,
  • The clean line of a Sakura Micron 005 pen,
  • Cold clay in my hands,
  • Frida Kahlo and Egon Schiele,
  • The crackly spine of a new Moleskine,
  • Watching watercolors bleed into one another.

Web Development


I specialize in robust, handcrafted HTML, CSS & jQuery, cruise comfortably in a variety of back-end environments, and love bringing beautiful designs to life.


I care about clean, quality code. My code is just as sweet as the site it architects.


I wield both machine- and human- friendly techniques that create browser and device agnostic sites.


I build reusable, patterned objects that are flexible, independent and efficient.


I have stacks of notebooks & sketchbooks stuffed with rambling and poem-wannabes, a bunch of docs filled with essays & random thoughts, and a partially-illustrated novella.

The sneaky ones that escaped:

And everyday stuff:



There is something magical about dreaming up a world around you, and creating something out of nothing. It is so sweet to stand back and say, "I made that. Now it is part of the world."

Hi, I'm Betsy. I also go by Soups, Lotus Girl, Blam, Boot, El Gee, Cap'n and Beast.

Harold (with his awesome purple crayon) was one of my heroes as a kid. I spent my days writing & illustrating stories, sculpting little houses & animals, and drawing maps for my Matchbox cars.

I kept writing stories & making art in college and - somewhere in the middle of grad school - caught the nerd bug, discovering that web development was another way to create things. I’ve been computering ever since.

Me and Louie at Do Division street festival Iron Man Traverse at The Buttermilks in California Competing on balance beam for Iowa

If art was my first love, gymnastics was my second.

I was a gymnast for 14 years, competing in club, high school and college. A combo of artistry and athleticism, gymnastics gave me a huge sense of purpose & meaning. After my last flip, I spent a decade bumbling around, sort of lost without it.

Luckily, I found rock climbing, and fell head over heels.

Unluckily, I live in Chicago, which has a bunch of skyscrapers and a big lake, but not one mountain to call its own.

When I'm not daydreaming about real rock to climb, I'm strolling around the lovely Ukrainian Village neighborhood with my husband Dan, our boy Louie and pup Mr. Deuce; eating soup, charcuterie plates or oysters; watching Louie, Orphan Black or The Mindy Project; mourning Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars or Fringe; and listening to Fiona Apple or podcasts Nerdette and All Write Already!.

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